Joseph Baldwin Society

The Joseph Baldwin Society, named after the University’s founder, was created in 1992 by the Truman State University Board of Governors to honor and recognize those who have provided a planned gift for the benefit of the University through the Truman State University Foundation. The University thrives today as a result of Baldwin’s vision and commitment.

The Joseph Baldwin Society

Anonymous (9)
Sarah Acosta
Burleigh and Rebecca Arnold
Timothy Bahr and Ron Jagels
Donna J. Bailey
Mary J. Balagna
Jay Ballanger and Susan Shoaff-Ballanger
Susan Ballard
Joseph J. Bambenek
Mark D. Barner
John S. Bartling
Benjamin J. Beard*
Bradford C. Beard*
Scott and Amy Beattie
Donald E. Belford
David and Judy Bondurant
Jocelyn and Jack Bragg
Ryan and Sarah Brennan
Phillip Brenner
Barry and Marilyn Cadoff
Nettie Carpenter
Bradley and Melody Chambers
Kenneth and Barbara Chambers
Victor E. Childers
Tracy Christeson and Lawrence Frey
Barbara Clark
Katherine Clark and Archie Huff
David and Ellen Clithero*
Patricia and Kenneth Clow, Jr.
Edward and Kimberly Coil
Linda Colton
Robert and Linda Connelly
Robert and Antonietta Corno
Gail B. Crump
Robert and Jane Dager*
Bill and Terri Dichiser
Dorothy M. Dieckman
Barbara Dixon
Josh and Mindy Dobereiner
Cynthia J. Dodson
Phyllis S. Domann
Irene Drennan
Robert Duckworth
Richard and Edith Erzen
Maria L. Evans*
Bonnie L. Fischer
Jerry and Janice Fisher
Dean Fitzpatrick
Charles and Colleen Foudree
Joan C. Fromme
Caroline Funk
Charles and Connie Funk
Ron and Elsie Gaber
Mark and Robin Gambaiana
Paul Garnett
Greg A. Gerhardt
Bertha M. Glenn
Rodney and Terri Gray
Alan Harrington & Keela Herr
Russell and Jacquelin Harrison
Susan K. Hatcher
Mark and Edie Hickman
Traci and Todd Hill
Dennis and Suann Hohn
Todd Holcomb and Carolyn Nading
Eric and Penny Holm
Michele A. Hoyne
Kenneth Hussey and Kelsey Simpson Hussey
Chad A. Ittner
Kenny and Joanne Jackson*
Claire Jepson*
Amber L. Johnson
Steve and Katherine Justice*
Christine M. Kapeller
Ray Klinginsmith*
Brian and Ame Krippner
Darrell and Nancy Krueger
Kevin and Bonnie Kuebler
Mark H. Laughlin
Julie M. Lochbaum
Miles and Nancy Lovelace
Sherri and John Lozano
John D. Lundgren
Larry and S. Jill Lunsford
James Lyons and Kathy Rieck*
Jack Magruder *
Kerry and Candace Magruder
Laura and Marvin Mann*
Richard and Colette Mason
Michael and Janet McClaskey
Alice J. McEwen
John Millemon and Marilyn Herridge
Linda Miller and Timothy Duperron
Jan and Russell Moore, Jr.
Jamey and Bridget Morton*
Jill and Carl Mueller, Jr.
David and Judy Mullins*
Sue Murphy*
Debra and David Nichols
Eva Jane Noe*
Phil Novinger
Sara E. Orel
Walter Park
Troy and Kelly Paino
David Peppard
Steven and Becky Pike
Bill and Lisa Pinkerton*
Susan Plassmeyer
Pamela L. Popp
Stephanie Powelson
Sharron Quisenberry
Randa Rawlins and Blaine Einspahr
Geraldine and Michael Ready
David and Carol Rector*
Heather A. Reed
Jack Reiske
Denise D. Rendina
Martha Hawkins Mason Rhein and John Rhein
Lydia Roebuck
Kathleen M. Rogers
Randy and Diane Rogers
Todd and Stefanie Rohler
Michael P. Rollo
Toyo Ronchetto
Steven Rose and Sandra McGee
James J. Rostello
Sue Rudroff
Judi G. Schweitzer
Jolene Scriven
Fred B. Shaffer
Gary and Julia Sharpe
Daniel and Janet Shepherd
Melvi Sheppard
Mark Smith and Alice Fast
Cynthia M. Spiker
Jaime and David Steinman
Stephanie A. Stoessel
Carole J. Stookey
Amy Stovall
Kenneth J. Strahm
Mitch and Denise Teal*
Scott and Heidi Templeton
Ronald and Ann Thomas
Matthew and Karen Tucker
Justis A. Tuia
Carrie and Peter Urberg
Dean and Mary Van Galen
Betty Jo White
Terry Whitworth
Christopher J. Wiedmeyer
Tanner E. Williams
Karen S. Wilson
Chad and Regan Wolbers
Melinda and Keith Wood*
Sherri and Chuck Woods II
Jan Woods

*Charter Member(s)

In Memoriam

Maurine P. Achauer
Etta Mae Anderson
Robert and Harlene Bailey
Tom L. Ballard
Charles and Jeanne Blackmar
Henry and Madeline Boucher
Marla Brenner
Alvina Britz
Dorothy Bushmeyer
Chinn Callan
Edwin Carpenter
Mabel Carr
Alan Clark
Bernice and Edward Clark
Russell and Mary Jane Cleeton
Mariam J. Coleman
Frank Colton
Elwood and Madeline Courtright
Leona Cozean
Eugenia Crain
Robert J. Cummings
James W. Elliott
Jean Elliott*
Mary M. Erwin
Lydia Inman Fjeld
Wayne A. Frederick
Doris J. Fuller
Esther Gardhouse
Mildred M. Gasperich
Paulette Gerhardt
Noma B. Glahn
Robert E. Glenn
Pam Gomez
Venita Jean and Charles Green
Hortense Greenley
George and Ruth Hamilton
Edwin and Hazel Hartford
James and Helen Heffern
Vera and George Heinze
Margarita L. Heisserer
David E. Heller
Joyce A. Hines
Lyle Ingraham
John H. Jepson
Loris E. Johnson
Margaret R. Johnson
Debra K. Kerby*
Mary E. Kersey
Judith Klinginsmith*
Larry Klugman
Lois N. Korslund
Alma Kotez
Louise F. Kriner
Katheryn L. Lay
Ruth and William Liebhart
Suzanne Linke
David O. Long
Earl and Edna Ludlow
Marguerite Lybbert
Sue Magruder*
Dorothy R. McAllister
Ruth E. McBroom
Charles J. McClain
Helen E. Miller
Kenneth and S. Eleanor Milstead
Rex and Bette Miskimins
Marian M. Morelock
John and Irene Morrison
Mary M. Morse
James and Margaret Mudd
David L. Murphy
Robert Newman
Vonnie J. Nichols
William H. Noe
Elizabeth C. Nolan
Opal B. O’Briant
Angela O’Donnell
Betty Jo Oswald
Bob M. Pfaff
Larry Quisenberry
Margaret A. Raining
Sandra K. Reavey
Valerie Reiske
Iva Roach
Calvin E. Roebuck
Claus and Jane Rohweder
Lillian Rollo
Robert J. Ronchetto
Benny Rose
Robert E. Rufener
Vernon P. Russell
Frederick and Ethel Schwengel
Donald Scriven
Paul O. Selby
Waymon and Jacquelyn Shofstall
David Skibbe
Oren and Doris Slaughter
Denise L. Smith
Elsie R. Smith
Lucile C. Smith
Vincent V. Smith
Rosa Lee Soule
Lydle and Bessie Staggs
Marie Stewart
James R. Stookey
Martha A. Taggart
Mary E. Thurman
Ruth W. Towne
Elna R. Tucker
Lilbern L. Via
Wilma and Philip Wade
Francis and Marian Wadsworth
Jessie A. Warden
John and Melissa Ware
Alice White
George and Nadine Wilson
Bob G. Woods